Thursday, August 09, 2007

Discover Gujo Hachiman

In the series of posts about our upcoming September trip, I had a better look at Gujo Hachiman. The council of the village has created a very nice webpage for the tourist. I never knew that the plastic food replicas were first used in Gujo Hachiman; I guess that'll be a museum we won't be visiting. ^_^;; One thing that I'll be looking forward to would be the Ayu (Japanese Trout) fishing. We will be too late for the Gujo Odori festival, which is a pity as they will be floating every night of the festival 100 lit lanterns along the riverbanks of the Yoshida River which would make a great photo.

I found this gallery of Gujo Hachiman photos very impressive with its overview of many details of the village.

Click here for the Google Maps satellite image.