Saturday, July 25, 2009

RAW images

Camera RAW, Lightroom, GIMP, SilkyPix, Apple's Aperture, etc. all allow you to change the exposure settings after having taken the shot. Isn't going through all the trouble getting the correct exposure just for newbies shooting in JPEG? Any problem is easily fixed in post-processing!

As a test, just deliberately bracket a shot with lots of highlights and shadows with ± one or two stops under- and overexposure and open the RAW files in the post-processing program of your choice. Change the exposure settings in post-processing such that they all correspond to the neutral exposure; for example, for the one stop overexposed shot, move the slider back to underexpose it by one stop, etc.
I'm hoping that you get the same results as I encountered: Even though changing the exposure sliders will bring back details in the blown out highlights and shadows, it will also bring out noise and the results do look poorer when compared with the correctly exposed shot. Especially when the difference in exposure was large. My conclusion was that I could only get away ever so little with playing around with the exposure sliders, especially on the highlights that seem to suffer more than the shadows on most DSLRs when exposed incorrectly. More about shooting for highlights or shadows in a later post.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sparkling water and the Dutch terraces

Next time you visit Amsterdam, or the rest of Holland for that matter, insist on getting the bottle if you order some water or sparkling water. They’ll serve you tap water with some added bubbles otherwise and charge you €3,75 for it, and then are upset you don’t leave a tip. See here.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories

Some answers to some of the puzzles for this game by Cing for the Nintendo Wii, don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled. This is not a walkthrough, merely a list of some of the puzzles I found interesting. I believe the game in the US will be sold under the name Trace Memory R: A Journey Into Lost Memories when it is released.

I liked playing this game and I think that the mediocre reviews of this game are mostly due to people not liking this kind of game play. If you liked the first Another Code game on the DS or the Hotel Dusk: Room 215 game, you’ll love this game!

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  • How to press the ‘3’ on the Wiimode /TAS? Press ‘1’ ‘+’ ‘2’.
  • How to press a ‘0’ on the Wiimode /TAS? Press ‘1’ ‘-‘ ‘1’ .
  • I never get a red gumball, does this stop me from completing the game? No, I never got any red gumball that I could exchange for the special gift either and I finished the game

How to get the dog to move from the hole in the fence?

  • See the beef jerky on the ground? Pick up a piece and move it to the right, the dog will follow.
  • Ashley doesn’t seem to be able to go through the hole in the fence, so I believe it is just a tiny puzzle to teach you how to crack the more important puzzles in the game.

What proof do I need to supply to the guy from the shop that I didn’t raid the storage room?

  • You should have taken a photo of the kid and the dog in the storage room and show it to him.

The kid keeps running away, where to find Matt this time?

  1. Did you check the well with the pump on the other side of the fence with the hole? (first time)
  2. In the cellar of the photographer’s cottage? (2nd time)
  3. Next to the tree close the boat house? (3rd time)
  4. Chat with the dog and get the dog to follow you. When you cross the covered bridge, have Princess sniff the drawing Matt gave you; Princess will lead you to Matt. (4th time)
  5. Past the JC Valley building entrance (5th time)

How to get the silver bracelet from the boathouse floor?

  • I didn’t manage to get it either, I guess noticing it is enough for the memories to be triggered.

How to get the bag from the lake?

  • Find the rope and the lifebelt and combine the two.
  • Tie the rope to the winch and throw the lifebelt over the bag and winch it back to you.

What is the code to open the bag?

  • Turn the family photo Matt gave you over and note that the lock contains the same names as are written on the back of the photo. Note that the words on the photo are shifted from each other.
  • Shift the words the same way as on the photo
  • The word to unlock the bag is ‘LAKE’

Where to find Matt’s treasure?

  • The drawing that Matt gives you contains a clue as to the number of steps to walk and in what direction measured from the tree.

What is Michael’s email password?

  • Find the used origami paper in the drawer in the desk with some marks on it, and fold it so it reveals the code. If the code doesn’t work, turn the number 180 degrees.

Where to find and how to get the guitar pick case?

  • Go to the half finished building where your bag was find according to Dan and you’ll see the pick case down the drain.
  • Get the hose you’ll find close by and connect it to the tap and turn on the tap.
  • The hose is leaking and you cannot use it as is.
  • Remember the roll of tape you saw in Richard’s desk when trying to break into his email? Fetch the tape and combine it with the hose
  • Connect the hose to the tap again and turn on the tap again.
  • The guitar pick case will float to the top.

Where to find clean water and how to make the medicine?

  • Get the red leaves from the plant in the glasshouse before leaving Charlotte
  • Charlotte will give you a pestle and mortar.
  • Fetch the kettle from Richard’s kitchen to keep the water in
  • Check the water at different locations and you’ll find that it is not polluted on the little bridge next to the shed where you found Matt hiding in the well.
  • Combine the leaves with the pestle and mortar
  • Use the Wiimode as pestle and turn the leaves into a powder
  • Get a pan from Richard’s kitchen

Do I give everything back to Elisabeth, including the access card that opened many doors?

  • It appears the answer is yes.

Getting the keys for the clock tower from Charlotte:

  • In the corner of the shed you find a clock/machine that holds the keys
  • Find the weights on the right of the clock holding the keys.
  • Hold on to at least one token from the recycling machine, don’t exchange them all for gumballs in hope to get a red gumball and a present. You’ll need a token as an extra weight to get the machine to release the keys.

The clock tower:

  • How do I get up the stairs? You’ll notice the stairs are broken and you’ll need to repair them.
  • Where to use the keys? Click on the central clock mechanism on the upper floors to reveal the location to use the keys.
  • In what order do I need to insert the keys?
    • Moon
    • Sword
    • Flower
  • How many times do I need to turn the keys and in what order?
    • Downstairs in the clock tower there are two paintings on the wall. Take photos and overlay these photos.
    • But hold on, this doesn’t give you the correct numbers, if you go back to the diary, you find a drawing of the clock arm, pointing to 5.
    • When overlaying the two photos, turn the image until the arm of the clock is on the 5. This gives you 1 turn for the Moon key, 4 turns for the Sword key and 6 turns for the Flower key, in this order.
  • Make sure you pick up the box from the clock mechanism
  • Make sure you pick up JC Valley badge from the floor downstairs.

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The Crusoe building:

  • How do you get to the Crusoe office building when the road is blocked? Talk to Charlotte when you return the keys and she’ll show you a shortcut.
  • How do I get into the Crusoe building? Get Matt to go in via the first manhole to get inside the perimeter. You’ll find the manholes on the right side of the building. You’ll see a rat disappearing and reappearing, have Matt follow the same way.
  • How does Ashley get inside the perimeter? You hear some noise from the area of the security camera; inspect the camera on the DAS and you’ll see that a toolbox has fallen over. Show the DAS to Matt and he’ll fetch a saw. Saw through the rope and get in. Open the door with the TAS.
  • What to do inside the Crusoe office? Open the door to the right of the entrance and find a key for the other room.
  • Go to the other room and find the doll hidden in the locker by turning over the shelf. Give the doll to Matt by talking to him.
  • How to open the musical box? The journalist has the key, turn the box so it show the colours as shown in the key. Turn the music box by tilting the Wiimode.
  • Do I give the papers to the journalist to print? I did and at the end of the game the newspaper article is published

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JC Valley

  • Ashley is in the meeting room where “Gina” left her, the door is locked and the TAS is out of batteries. How does she get out to find Richard? Look at the back of the TAS and click on the battery compartment. Take the battery out of the TAS and click on the wireless phone. Look at the back of the wireless phone and take the battery from it, put it in the TAS. Try the TAS on the lock again, they battery is still flat. Take the battery out again and put it back into the phone, put the phone on the charger. When fully charged, put battery in the TAS and use on the lock.
  • How to get the lipstick from the keypad? Use the cleaner from the meeting room’s cabinet. Shake before using.
  • What is the code for the keypad? It is today’s date as displayed on the desk: 08252007.
  • What to do in the security room? Call Richard on the video conferencing system
  • How to open the shutter that Sofia closed? Note that a couple of books are stuck under the shutter leaving a gap. You have to click on the gap even in the area that is not clearly marked yellow or else the game won’t proceed to the next step. If you have clicked on the right location in the gap, the game will remind you that there is a lock on the other side. Now you can enter the office of the researchers and pick up a mirror. Get the mirror and shove in through the gap. You still cannot see the lock so you’ll need to fetch the fishing pole. Move the mirror so you see the lock and use the TAS.
  • How to scan the encoded message? Note the arrow on the paper and the indents in the blocks of code? Cover all blocks with the scanner pen from the first one indicated by the arrow in one stroke such that the indents point to the next block.
  • Sofia fried the lock; how do I get out? Get in touch with Mike in Richard’s office and let him talk you through how to open the door.
  • How to open the emergency lock release cover? Use a guitar pick.
  • How to press the NESW keys  on the Wiimode/TAS? Use the D pad for North/Up, South/Down, etc.
  • How to type in A³ on the Wiimode/TAS? Press the A button three times.
  • How to type the ‘house’ like symbol on the Wiimode/TAS? Use the home button
  • How to turn the lions’ heads to open the secret compartment in Rex’s room? Read the book on the desk and take photos of the last two pages and when you superimpose them on top of each other and move to the right, they give you the 3 positions of the heads and the letters to pick
  • Where the find the box Ryan wants to have? Under the chocolate in Richard’s office
  • How to open the box? Take the kaleidoscope’s bottom from the drawer and attach it to the kaleidoscope. Turn it around and press all the buttons at the same time that correspond to the 3 figures you saw in the kaleidoscope.
  • What to do with the white device? Try combining it with your TAS.
  • How can Ashley combine the white device with the TAS? Plug a nunchuck into your Wiimode and the game will take the hint.
  • How to use the TAS on the control panel? Keep the Wiimode vertically upright and it’ll slide in after a while.

Are there different endings?

  • In the Another Code game for the Nintendo DS there were different endings possible depending on the choices you had made, and so did the Hotel Dusk game also made by Cing. Does Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories also have different endings? I don’t know, you tell me. The ending that I had was that Ryan was going to give himself up, Matt’s father was supposedly seen somewhere, Charlotte let me know that I could visit her gardens any time, Elisabeth and her father talked it out and Charlotte’s daughter and husband showed up after 5 years.

How long does this game take and how many chapters are there?

  • There are 9 chapters in total and it took me almost 18:30 hours but I could have played faster.

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