Saturday, August 01, 2009

Exposure and why do we care?

You bought an expensive (D)SLR with a state of the art through-the-lens (TTL) light meter operating in different modes, so why should you ever want to start thinking about exposure again? Surely those days have gone as it is now so many years after TTL light meters were first introduced? Haven't any bugs been ironed out by now? And I believe you that that advanced weighted multi-segment mode is state of the art.

The truth is that for most shots on all cameras, the built-in light meter does an excellent job that would be difficult to improve upon. However, if you start using your camera more and more, you'll notice that some shots are too dark or too light. The highlights are all blown out, or there is no detail or too much noise in the shadows which may result in a disappointment. This is not a malfunction of the light meter, it does what it is meant to do but recognizing those situations and improving those exposures is one of the subjects of this blog.