Monday, April 14, 2008

Second attempt at HDRI

Venice small canal

Before applying HDR techniques

With my second attempt at HDRI I managed to make a very presentable image of a photo of the Canals in Venice that I had previously thrown out as a failure. I added the original shot on the left which I had tried to work on by increasing the brightness or changing the exposure which always resulting in a very flat image where all details in the house on the other side of the canal were lost. What must have happened was that because I use spotmetering, I must have taken a reading from the house on the other side of the canal and the canyon of the canal in front ended up about 2 stops underexposed. But even if I had taken the reading of the front part of the image, the house would have ended up overexposed. Therefore the HDRI version is an image I would never have been able to take with my camera even though it appears very natural.

Camera: Pentax *ist DS, lens: Sigma 18-50mm - 1:3.5-5.6 DC + Picturenaut