Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jazz street musicians

The Embankment in London, close to the London Eye, is usually packed with jugglers, magicians, living statues and other attractions trying to make a couple of pounds off the tourists. Today these two trumpetists and their drummer spiced up things a lot underneath the Hungerford bridge for natural amplification with some hot jazz.

The image above was compiled out of three photos. I didn't have the intention to stitch the photos together when I took them but I discovered that there was enough overlap to do so. The only problem left was that if I wanted some space above the guy on the left, I needed to fill in the space above the head of the guy on the right as the angles had been different. Luckily a third photo provided me with enough of the underside of the bridge to make it work (for the not too critical eye).

Camera: Pentax *ist DS, lens: 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC MACRO