Saturday, July 14, 2007

Zoom-In Travel Photography course

Today was the day I had my first session of the Travel Photography course I had booked at Zoom-In in Clapham. Today's session was mostly basics and discussing the travel photos we had brought. I had made a mix of photos I liked and photos that should have been great pictures but weren't. The analysis was very thorough and helpful. We have now received an assignment to find a motive and create a collection of 15 photos around that. That's going to be hard. Luckily the teacher was quite pleased with almost all my black and white photos and a lot of my colour photos. To my pleasant surprise, the photo above went down really well while usually I'm am the only one liking it.

The London underground was the usual horror to get to Clapham with lots of unannounced line closures for undefined reasons and taking me an hour longer than it should have been for the 15km short trip. One can only wonder how they can organize the 2012 Olympics with such a crappy public transport :-(