Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wyoming -.- My visit to Yellowstone (not)

1995, a friend got married in New England and I went there together with two other friends. After the wedding, those two friends continued to Denver and I tagged along and after they returned I continued exploring Wyoming by myself.

One location in Wyoming I always wanted to visit was Yellowstone park and on impulse I drove there. Had I properly read a guide book, I would have known that visitors were only allowed to enter the park early in the morning and leave the park late in the afternoon. I arrived too late and nothing could be done to enter the park and I had no time left to return the next day. I was so disappointed but in the end I had to satisfy myself with the nice scenery I had encountered on the way to the park entrance, like the Chimney Rock.
Not being able to enter the park, I took the opportunity to visit Shoshone Canyon where the Shoshone River cuts through Rattlesnake Mountain. Signs with "Grizzly Bear Area" made an impression on me, being from a country where the largest animal is a Holsteiner.

Camera: Pentax ME, lenses: Pentax 28mm f2.8 & 50mm f1.8