Thursday, July 12, 2007

Seoul, South Korea

The photo on the left was taken from Namsam Park and apart from the immense city with all the highrises, it also shows the steep hills in the background which surround the whole of Seoul and make up most of the landscape in Korea.

You have to pass a metal detector entering South-Korea. From the airport I took a limousine bus to my hotel and explored Seoul in the following days. The palaces and museums are fabulous. After a couple of days I stepped into a travel agency and booked a hotel and train trip to Kyongju (also written as Gyeongju). The photo on the left is the Cheomseongdae observatory in Kyongju, one of the oldest observatories in Asia.
Back in Seoul, I had noticed all the street carts with food being wheeled in every night and I tried some out. For little money, the food was great and spicy! I really enjoyed eating at them. Otherwise, the basements of the department stores are also great places to get cheap food like the Korean versions of sushi (kimbap) or tempura usually way overpriced when eaten in Japan.


Camera: Pentax MZ-3, lens: SMC Pentax F4-5.6 35-80mm