Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mount Titlis, 3,238m -.- Switzerland

In 1999, the company I worked for invited all developers for a seminar in Engelberg, Switzerland. Not all our time was spent improving the product line so there was plenty of time left to go up Mount Titlis and enjoy skiing.  

The Titlis is of course famous for the first rotating cable car, the Rotair, although there is little to notice if the car is packed with eager skiers and you end up in the middle.
Even in summer the trip to the summit is very enjoyable; a year later, my wife to be, another friend and I took a trip around Europe and passing Engelberg, we went up again. At that time a busload of people from Singapore were enjoying their first ever taste of snow. Never seen so many grownups go crazy without alcohol being involved. ^_^