Monday, July 16, 2007

Japanese secret onsen (1): Nyutou onsen

The nicest hot spring I have visited thus far in Japan is not located in Yufuin or any of the other famous onsen resorts, it is located in Nyuto onsen in the Akita province located in the Tōhoku Region of northern Japan.

Nyuto onsen is a collection of hotsprings located in a mountainous area where people come to hike and soak. Spread throughout the valley are little wooden shacks built around the natural heated water baths or they come as an outdoor rotenburo. One word of caution, the baths are really hot :-)
Many tourists in Japan want to enjoy an onsen experience but the threshold is a bit high and being naked in front of others can be a bit scary too. My advice: just do it, it really makes your Japan experience so much more genuine. In case of questions, visit the Japan Guide forums.

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