Monday, June 25, 2007

Stockholm, 1988 - 1993

From May 1988 until summer 1993 I lived in Stockholm working for Philips BCFI. A very enjoyable and informative period. Summers in Stockholm were great with the sun setting late and everybody out on the town. Autumn and winter were different, everybody and everything seemed to turn cold until Lucia (December 13) and Christmas markets came along and brought glögg and company parties. The sunset picture above was taken around 15:00 in the middle of January.

My boss, Åke, was an enthusiastic member of the company orienteering team and it wasn't long before I ran the occasional track. Most fun was to lay a track for the others. With two friends, we designed several tracks and one time we picked a rather unknown area which proved difficult for everybody but the most experienced. It definitely favoured the better orienteerers above the faster runners and, boy, were the latter mad! Neither being a decent orienteerer nor a fast runner, James is still mad that we put a control at a little swamp on top of a rocky hill; his common sense had told him that it had to be at the bottom of the hill and he never thought of going up there to check and he never found it ^_^;;