Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Air Ballooning

For his wedding my brother had rented two balloons which took off at early dawn. We helped spread out the balloon material, the envelope, after which the burners were turned on to fill the balloons.


Quickly we got into the wicker baskets and all of a sudden we were airborne. What a different experience from flying in a plane; quietly, no majestically you glide through the early morning sky only to be rudely awakened from the magic by the burners being turned on again with an incredible loud noise and a heat that scorched the top of my head. The trip was magic but unavoidably, in the end, the skipper had to pick a field to land in and down we went for a bumpy landing ending only when the basket slowly tilted over.

Camera: Pentax MZ-3, lens: Sigma 70-200mm - f2.8