Thursday, March 08, 2007

Venice in Black & White

In October 2006 we visited Venice of which you can see my colour pictures in this album. Just recently I got the black and white pictures developed and, if I ignore the fingerprints the shop left on the negatives for a moment, the photos I took are really close to the memories I kept. The photo of the hallway that I used in the header was taken while it was still almost dark outside. At night it is filled with diners enjoying their food on the St. Mark's Square, early in the morning it is eerily deserted. Trying to get the field of depth as large as possible, I focussed on the chairs next to the pillar and used my trusty monopod to allow me to stabilize the camera for the exposure time required. 8 ratings, Aesthetics: 5.00/7 Originality: 4.62/7

Piazza San Marco - St. Mark's Square
Piazza San Marco - St. Mark's Square
The morning after we arrived I got up around 6:30, it was dark, raining and the St. Mark's Square was flooded with the acquas altas and wooden platforms were put in place for the tourists to allow them to visit the basilica once they would start to flood the square again. However, before 7AM, the only tourists in sight were the early birds rushing to the docks to catch an early boat into the airport.

Gran Canal in VeniceFrom the Ponte di Rialto I took this photo of the Gran Canal which divides the main island in two and which is very lively with boats, taxis and ferries. It was difficult to get a proper view of the scene I wanted as the bridge was literally flooded with souvenir stands and very crowded as it is one of the few bridges connecting the two halves of the main island.

Gran Canal in VeniceGran Canal taken from the garden of the Peggy Guggenheim museum.

Canal in VeniceView of Venice like everybody imagines it. Only the gondolas are missing although we would see plenty of those in the evenings, usually filled with large groups of Asian tourists with a Italian on the accordion singing Sancta Lucia.

Camera: Pentax Mz-3, lens: Sigma 20mm - 1:1.8 EX DG, film: Ilford FP4 Plus 125 ASA